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Under the Media Innovations Program for Georgia, IREX provided support to non-state Georgian print and broadcast journalists and media outlets through training, on-site consulting, and small grants. IREX provided support to Georgian independent television, radio, and print media outlets to improve business performance, increase professional standards, foster self sustainability, build institutional support, and create a legal environment conducive to achieving these goals. IREX has offered assistance to independent media and journalists in Georgia since 1995 and has received support in Georgia from USAID and the US Department of State.

The Media Innovations Program for Georgia, launched in 2002 and completed in March 2006, was funded by USAID, and supported training, consulting initiatives, and associated small grants to:

  • Develop a core of financially sustainable and professional private broadcast and print outlets that penetrate all of Georgia
  • Support a journalism association that represents its members’ legal interests before governing bodies and provides training to members
  • Bolster the creation of an active media trade organization that addresses systemic weaknesses that hinder the growth and influence of independent Georgian media outlets
  • Increase the quality and volume of reporting on important topics by all media; this includes business and economic reporting, women’s issues reporting, and investigative and enterprise reporting nt media informs and engages citizens through the free flow of information that advances democratic and economic development. A professional media sector builds more transparent and effective governance, promotes fair and open economies, and generates responsible discussion about social and political issues.