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Civil society development engages citizens, nongovernmental organizations, and government bodies to work in partnership to improve their communities and foster good governance.

IREX adapts its approach and training to meet the specific local needs of a community so that stakeholders can better serve their constituents. IREX integrates targeted activities for underrepresented populations, which include women, youth, ethnic minorities, individuals with HIV/AIDS, and people with disabilities. Program areas include:

  • Citizen Participation and Advocacy
  • Community and Social Development
  • Association Building and Networking
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Technology Access and Training
  • Women’s Empowerment

Selected Civil Society Development Programs Worldwide

  • Community Support for Orphans (CSO) Program
  • Global Civil Society Strengthening Partnership (GCSS)
  • Kosovo Civil Society Program (KCSP)
  • Regional Library Information Centers (RLIC) Program
  • Technical Assistance for USAID Anti-Trafficking Activities (ATTO)
  • Young Women’s Leadership Program (YWLP) in Yemen