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IREX Mission
IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development.

Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of $50 million and a staff of over 400 professionals worldwide. IREX and its partner IREX Europe deliver cross-cutting programs and consulting expertise in more than 50 countries.

Education supports economic development, social reform, and civic participation within a society and provides the foundation for tomorrow’s leaders. IREX works with individuals, institutions, and governments to expand access to and improve the quality of education worldwide.

IREX designs programs and provides consulting to support lifelong learning starting at the primary and secondary levels, continuing through higher education, and including continuing professional training. Program areas include:

  • Educational Institution Development
  • Pre- and In-Service Teacher and Faculty Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • International Research and Professional Fellowships
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Study Abroad
  • Technology for Education

Independent Media
Independent media informs and engages citizens through the free flow of information that advances democratic and economic development. A professional media sector builds more transparent and effective governance, promotes fair and open economies, and generates responsible discussion about social and political issues.

IREX works with local partners to advance the professionalism and long-term economic sustainability of newspapers, radio, television, and Internet media. Specialized programs and small grants build skills for balanced, investigative reporting, better media management, and advocacy for press freedoms. Program areas include:

  • Journalism Training and Education
  • Media Strategy and Management
  • Business Development and Advertising
  • News and Public Affairs Production
  • Media Law Reform and Advocacy
  • Technology and Infrastructure Development

Civil Society Development
Civil society development engages citizens, nongovernmental organizations, and government bodies to work in partnership to improve their communities and foster good governance.

IREX adapts its approach and training to meet the specific local needs of a community so that stakeholders can better serve their constituents. IREX integrates targeted activities for underrepresented populations, which include women, youth, ethnic minorities, individuals with HIV/AIDS, and people with disabilities. Program areas include:

  • Citizen Participation and Advocacy
  • Community and Social Development
  • Association Building and Networking
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Technology Access and Training
  • Women’s Empowerment

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