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IREX Georgia

IREX began administering training projects and associated grant programs for professionals throughout Georgia in 1994. The programs and projects encompass a variety of fields, including university research and teaching, corporate management and commerce, government policymaking and diplomacy, journalism and the media. Program participants are leaders in their fields and are instrumental in establishing democratic principles and civil society in Georgia today. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State (ECA), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Carnegie Corporation of New York and other private sou rces have also funded IREX – administered programs over the past several years.

IREX currently administers following programs in Georgia:

1. G-MEDIA (Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability) Program

G-MEDIA program seeks to assist in the improvement of the quality and availability of news and information on new and traditional platforms, produced by professionals with improved skills and new citizen contributors. The program will lay groundwork for continuing improvements in the Georgian media environment by supporting systematic, evidence-based advocacy for improved media law and regulation driven by Georgian stakeholders. Underpinning G-MEDIA will be the drive to turn distrustful audiences into an active constituency for diverse, professional media.

2. Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP)

The Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP) aims to support Georgian media’s professional development by creating and fostering long-term professional relationships between Georgian and U.S. media outlets via professional exchanges, individual consulting and sharing of best practices that will result in improved journalistic, technological, and business management practices among the Georgian partners.