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2015 GMPP Competition for Georgian Tbilisi-Based TV Outlets
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(GMPP), funded by the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Georgia and implemented by IREX, aims to support Georgian media’s professional development by creating and fostering long-term professional relationships between Georgian and U.S. media outlets via professional exchanges, individual consulting and sharing of best practices that will result in improved journalistic, technological, and business management practices among the Georgian partners. 


Partnerships between U.S. and Georgian media outlets: IREX partners selected Georgian broadcasters with U.S. television  and/or radio stations to form strong, collegial and lasting relationships via exchanges, individual consulting and the sharing of best practices.  These professional interactions will enhance the skills of the Georgian partners in the following areas:

  • Business Management including advertising, sales, distribution, and human resources
  • Journalism including community journalism, investigative reporting, audience interaction, and coverage of political, economic and social issues in the community
  • New Technologies including website development, mobile communications, and video and audio streaming software

Professional exchanges and networking among Georgian partners: IREX works closely with the Georgian partners to engage them in peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges and form professional networking relationships among themselves.  The Georgian partners conduct trainings and share their expertise within their respective outlets as well as externally.

In addition, IREX selected an online platform to develop a virtual network among participants. GMPP’s Facebook Page is an online tool for fostering creation of sustainable virtual network among GMPP’s Georgian and American participants. It also represents a forum where they can share experience and knowledge, pose questions, seek advice, offer tips, and post material related to partnership visits.


As a result of the project implementation independent Georgian broadcasters will have access to improved journalistic, technological and business management practices as well as posses cutting-edge knowledge they can share with their colleagues.

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