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The four-year USAID-funded G-MEDIA (Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability) program seeks to assist in the improvement of the quality and availability of news and information on new and traditional platforms, produced by professionals with improved skills and new citizen contributors. The program will lay groundwork for continuing improvements in the Georgian media environment by supporting systematic, evidence-based advocacy for improved media law and regulation driven by Georgian stakeholders. Underpinning G-MEDIA will be the drive to turn distrustful audiences into an active constituency for diverse, professional media.
An integrated approach of training, consulting, mentoring and grants will incorporate opportunities for Georgian partners to first experience how social media, mobile platforms and Web 2.0 are changing news and information exchange and then develop their own context-appropriate applications. This will support achievement of the G-MEDIA program goal: To improve the public’s access to a range of sources of news and information by developing a more politically balanced, editorially independent, professional and viable media sector that reaches audiences across Georgia through diverse delivery channels. Four program objectives will advance this goal:

  1. Improve Quality and Diversity of Media Content and Broaden Channels of Delivery
  2. Improve Professional Journalism
  3. Improve the Regulatory Environment and Protect Journalists’ Rights
  4. Improve Media Outlets’ Viability

The project will coordinate with and leverage existing USAID and other donor programs. A comprehensive assistance program embracing hands-on learning and student media will move graduate journalism education to a new level. A substantial infusion of capacity building matched by grants and fellowships will produce more varied, specialized and interesting news and information.

IREX is implementing and managing G-MEDIA and our strategic approach to achieve above goal is based on key principles including:

Focus on the next generation of journalists and the new media technologies they and their generation increasingly utilize;
Build Georgian media development capacity while reducing dependence on expatriates;
Use a team of specialized implementers to maximize resources for Georgian partners (including Transparency International Georgia – TI, Georgian Young Lawyers Association – GYLA and Social Impact – SI);
Lead coordination with other media development projects and USAID sectoral programs to build on lessons learned, avoid duplication and leverage collaboration.

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